The MSDF sent three ships to RIMPAC 2010 that I’ve been able to count so far. This is Japan’s 30th year of participating in the annual exercise.

JDS Mochishio, SS-600. U.S. Navy Photo.

JDS Mochishio, a Oyashio-class diesel submarine.

JDS Akebono, DD 108. U.S. Navy Photo.

Akebono, a Murasame-class destroyer. Named after the sumo wrestler.

JDS Atago, DDG 177. U.S. Navy Photo.

Atago, lead ship of her class. Atago was just in Canada at a Canadian Navy fleet review.

All three ships are some of the newest ships in the MSDF.

The U.S. Navy says about RIMPAC:

The world’s largest multinational maritime exercise, takes place from June 23 through Aug. 1 in the waters around the Hawaiian Islands. The exercise consists of three major phases. Phase I, the Harbor Phase, from June 28 through July 5 will consist of operational planning meetings, safety briefings and sporting events. This phase is designed to make final preparations for the at-sea phases of the exercises, as well as build on professional and personal relationships between the participating countries.

Phase II, the Operational Phase, driven by a structured schedule of events, starts July 6 and continues through July 24. This portion includes live fire gunnery and missile exercises, maritime interdiction and vessel boardings, anti-surface warfare, undersea warfare, and naval maneuvers, air defense exercises, as well as, explosive ordnance disposal, diving and salvage operations, mine clearance operations, and an amphibious landing. This phase exercises the ability of each nation to conduct robust command and control operations with multinational players and enhances each unit’s operational capabilities.

Phase III, the Tactical Phase of the exercise, is scenario-driven and takes place July 25 through July 30. The intense training during this phase allows participating nations to further strengthen their maritime skills and capabilities and improve their ability to communicate and operate in simulated hostile scenarios. This phase concludes with the ships’ return to Pearl Harbor, where participating nations will reconvene to discuss the exercise and overall accomplishments.

RIMPAC 2010 is themed “Combined Agility, Synergy and Support,” and marks the 22nd exercise in the series that originated in 1971. (Link)

It would be nice to have some bloggers out there covering this, since the regular news media isn’t very interested.

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