Today it was back to the MSDF Training Squadron at Pier 27, to do the tour again with the general public. Unlike Sunday all three ships were opened up, although I did not board Kashima. In hindsight I should have, I might have been able to meet Rear Admiral Tokumaru. I was tired.

SH-60J helicopter. It actually has machine guns, if they want to put them on.

One great thing about coming back today is that Sawayuki was opened up, and with it the embarked SH-60J Seahawk helicopter. The pilot was very nice. He and I had the following conversation:

Me: (Pointing to blister on the side of the helicopter) ”これわなんですか?”

Pilot: (Says a lot but I pick out “アンテンア”。) (Antenna, or A-n-ten-a)

My friend: What did he say it was?

Me: The antenna.

My friend: What do they call it in Japanese?

Me: The antenna.

Sawayuki also had an 8-cell Sea Sparrow launcher, with one missile visible in an open cell. I’m guessing it’s a dummy missile.

I sent this to my brother as part of my ongoing effort to get him to visit the motherland.

The complete set is on Flickr here. Set from Day One is here. And the Varyag pics are here.

Pics from USS Bunker Hill may be forthcoming later this week. Maybe.

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