According to a poll taken by the Pew Research Center, among the countries that constitute the developed world, China’s military and economic rise is generally viewed as a bad thing.

With one major–somewhat surprising–exception.

China’s emerging military power was considered a “bad thing” by 88 percent of survey takers in Japan, 87 percent in France, 86 percent in South Korea, 79 percent in the United States and 72 percent in Germany, the poll found.

China’s economic growth worried the French most (67 percent), followed by the Germans (58 percent), Americans (47 percent) and British (42 percent). But in Japan, which has invested heavily in China, it was seen as a good thing by a 61-29 percent margin. (Emphasis mine–JSW)

China’s economic rise threatens to displace Japan as the #2 economy in the world. Despite that, most people in Japan don’t seem to have a problem with it, by a margin of 2-1.  It seems a majority of Japanese understand that the Chinese and Japanese economies are interconnected, and are actually rooting for China. Pragmatism and globalism win over the past. This is this weekend’s Good News.

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