JDS Kurama, post-accident. jeunemarine.com photo.

JDS Kurama, the helicopter destroyer that got punched in the nose by the South Korean container ship MV Carina Star, has been repaired. Maybe.  Security Lab in Japan, a blog written by Japanese grad students has some details. Sort of. I think.

Here’s what I mean. It’s very difficult to understand the translation Google Translate has served up. Maybe it’s been repaired, maybe it hasn’t. There appear to be definite plans to do so. It’s an older ship; commissioned 1981 it’s almost thirty years old.

The 2010 Defense Budget said that the “DDH carriers” were being decommissioned, but it appears they were talking about the Haruna class, consisting of Haruna and Hiei, which were comissioned in the 1970s. It would seem Hyuga and Ise are meant to replace Haruna and Hiei, while the 2 22DDH carriers will replace Shirane and Kurama. The first 22DDH destroyer is supposed to enter service in 2015, so Kurama will have to soldier on for probably another eight or nine years.

I am learning Japanese as fast as I can, but it will still be several years until I can drawn on Japanese language sources.

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