The Pacific Partnership’s Flickr account has a few more pictures of the JDS Kunisaki and crew.

Kunisaki and her crew. Photo via Pacific Partnership Flickr page.

I asked two different Japanese speakers how to romanize おおすみ。Tentatively I’m going with Osumi.

Photo via Pacific Partnership Flickr page.

Apparently they brought a couple of Japanese LCACs with them. Japan has 6 LCACs, or 2 per LST.

Photo via Pacific Partnership Flickr page.

One of Kunisaki‘s many roles is introducing Japanese culture to the locals. Here a Japanese naval officer demonstrates kendo. I almost did kendo as a kid–my uncle is a hanshi hachidan in kendo. (I tried to put the correct kanji here, but when I checked it against Google Translate it came out “eighth stage professional bum”!)

Despite his faults, this was Hatoyama’s pet project, and my hat is off to him. Hopefully Naoto Kan–or whoever is prime minister in twelve months–continues the yu-ai boat program in 2011.

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