Almost every modern army in the world has retired the flamethrower. The U.S. Army retired them sometime around Vietnam, substituting the somewhat mysterious M202 Flash in its place. The last Russian design was, if I remember correctly, the LPO-50, and that design is at least fifty years old.

(The Chinese probably still use flamethrowers. But that’s China.)

But Japan? Yes! Believe it or not, Japan still uses flamethrowers.

Roasty goodness action begins at 3:03. I mean, nothing gets your heart pumping like seeing a bunch of guys running at you with those big torchlike nozzles, looking like caterers prepping the tiki party from Hell, wearing SCUBA-type backpacks full of jellied napalm.

This one is only 18 seconds long, but it’s all action.

Can you imagine what those drivers on the overpass are thinking? There you are, driving along in peaceful Japan, when all of the sudden…WHOOSH! Horrific fire!

Happy Friday!

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