Photo via 78th Aviation Battalion web site.

Poking around the U.S. Army  Japan web site I noticed an article by the C.O. of the 78th Aviation Battalion, U.S. Army. I didn’t even know USAJ had an aviation battalion. My eye was drawn to the headline, “Army Aviation’s Economy of Force Mission in Japan“, and I had a feeling where this was going…

The article starts out:

The U.S. Army’s footprint in Japan has traditionally been small.

As opposed to…well, you know.

The 78th Aviation Battalion is based at Camp Zama, which according to Wikipedia used to be the old Imperial Japanese Army Academy. Zama is located just 25 miles northwest of Tokyo, in Kanagawa. Sounds like a nice place.

The 78th fields 5 UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters and 3 UC-35 Citation passenger aircraft, and operate throughout the Pacific, including Japan, Korea, Philippines, Kwajalein Atoll, Guam, Cambodia, Saipan, Australia, East Timor, Thailand, and Malaysia.

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